Refresh Cabaret Gets Full Concert Staging And London Showing


It's no secret that RyCa Creative's 'REFRESH' cabaret has been making it's mark since it's launch in 2017.

The creative consultancy specialising in 'millennial-ising Musical Theatre' took to an underground bar in Covent Garden to perform a contemporary gig full of musical theatre cult classics. The small but mighty Production Company turned a grungy club space into a cabaret lounge. Aptly titled 'RyCa : Refresh', the event sold out and earned it's place in Theatre lands cabaret scene.

Within 2 weeks, Refresh had not only been scheduled to appear at The Borlase Theatre, but it had been asked to commit to a residency at 'The Hospital Club, Covent Garden'.

Throughout 2018, 'REFRESH' was performed multiple times, with a different line up of singers and a different set-list at every event. It seems RyCa pulled out all the stops and perfected the formula for 'REFRESH' at the most recent concert, a version that Carter called 'Refresh : Home Again' (a play on the lyric from Pasek and Pauls 'From Now On', signifying that Carter had once again returned to Marlow to share 'Refresh' with his home town).

Carter took to Instagram to reflect on October 7ths event - " That version of Refresh was the version I've been imagining for nearly 2 years. ('Home Again') combined gig-economy with musical theatre, embracing the new generation of theatre goers whilst still paying homage to the fans who have been its driving force. We definitely had to lay the ground work with our smaller / intimate concerts before we were ready to fill a space like that. My Creative Team are an absolute dream and my cast are filled with the most incredible idiosyncrasies. As a unit, we're electric and that really does come through in our work."

The news that 'REFRESH' would be getting a 'transfer' came ambiguously via a glitchy reveal video posted to the companies twitter account. It read 'London. Ready?' Before glitching into the fairly new 'Refresh Logo' that RyCa had commissioned. Engagement from 'The Shaw Theatre' hinted at the collab, but it wasn't until Ryan released a statement, that the show was confirmed.

His short and sweet blog read : "We're bringing it from Marlow to London, like a transfer. It's a transfer right? I'm calling it a transfer!"

The current roster of 'REFRESH' performers includes Elliott Sturt, Charlotte Miranda Smith, Rochelle Rose, Adam Gillian, Sam Carlyle, Abbi Hodgson, William Lloyd, Kayla Carter, Linnea Didrick and Rhys Benjamin. Recent credits of the Musical Theatre Supergroup include 'Seussical (Southwark playhouse), The Full Monty (Old Joint Stock Theatre), Hadestown (National Theatre), Hi, My Name Is Ben (Dundee Rep) and The Mountain Top (UK Tour)'. RyCa Creative praise individually in tone and texture, which makes the line up of voices relatively ground breaking to the Musical Theatre industry.

REFRESH plays at The Shaw Theatre on January 27th 2019, with Tickets starting at £18. Further dates to the Refresh 'tour' are being announced in due course, but it's assumed that this is the only version playing in London. Tickets available from

Ryan Carter