APRIL 15th - JULY 1st.

The Vocal Intensive is a 12 week programme devised by Ryan Carter & his team of vocal specialists, created to give trained singers a technical top up. 

MTVI Preview.png

Over the course of 12 weeks (12 Sunday sessions) you’ll receive a number of private singing lessons, rep sessions and ensemble/choir lessons to strengthen and solidify your prior training. We’ll also host 2 industry audition workshops, so that you have the oppurtunity to sing in front of a panel of agents, casting directors and industry professionals. Aswell as the classes listed above, we’ll also make sure you leave the course fully equipped with 2 full length audition sessions to send to agents, as well as ending the course with a live showcase, giving you the chance to to channel everything you’ve learnt into a final performance in front of friends and family. 

I devised this programme as a way to make life easier for freelance performers trying to stay on top of their craft, whilst creating a safe space to ‘Problem Solve’ with regards to casting, material, agents and other professional queries. Over the last 3 years, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting so many incredible singer/actors but don’t always have the ability to facilitate them all into RyCa projects; this vocal programme is the perfect way for me to bring another group of singers into the RyCa Family.

Seeing as it’s our first course, we have very limited spaces available.

Course cost breakdown : 

  • £100 to join the prorgramme, followed by £35 a week for 11 weeks.
  • Course Starts April 15th
  • Due to demand, once you confirm your space, you will be committing to the entire course. 

Due to demand, we've opened up the ability to book your place by paying a deposit now! (below)