Stephanie Elswood - Social Media, Sass and Success

Social media is something that has taken our world by storm. It's hard to escape from nowadays and can be an extremely dark place. However, when used in the right way it can be a positive platform to thrive and grow a business.  My name is Stephanie Elswood and instagram saved me from myself. 

From a very young age I have trained and aspired to be a performer. My love of dance consumed my life. I lived and breathed it. It brought me so much joy and I never stopped moving. I went to full time vocational training and became very aware of my body from an extremely young age. I struggled with body dysmorphia and battled an eating disorder all through my time at school. 

I turned to Instagram as a means of getting better. Whilst I was recovering, food was no longer the enemy and I fell in love with it all over again. I set up a ‘secret’ page - @HealthyChefSteph - where I posted my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was so proud of the recipes I was creating and couldn't wait to share it online. I eventually started to tell my friends about it and Ryan - the CEO of Ryca, was actually the person who made a HUGE change in my content. He suggested that I posted more of myself and told me to share my entire journey. 

Listening to Ryan was the best decision I ever made. I started to post my lifestyle, my training, my past and my personality. Fast forward two years later and it’s my own business! I am lucky enough to work with incredible brands such as Tescos, Nike and garner to name a few, creating content and participating in their campaigns. I love what I do! I finally have a platform and a voice and it is the best feeling in the world that I am helping people all over the world! 

I have recently started my own event series called ‘Stay Sassy’ where I plan to take women of all ages on a journey throughout a three hour workshop. I have combined my love for dance with my passion to increase female body confidence. I teach them how to walk in heels, followed by a dance routine and then we have a workshop afterwards educating them how to love themselves a little more and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

The profits from the events go towards an amazing Hospice called St Christopher’s. They helped look after my Nan, AKA my best friend/Sass Queen, during her last few months of living. I am in the beginning stages of setting up ‘The Stay Sassy Foundation’. My dream is to build a community of like minded people lifting each other up, to raise as much money as possible and support many charities and organisations from people that work with eating disorders to domestic abuse sufferers. I am so passionate about moving what I do online into real life situations and physically helping people face to face. 

The reason I'm saying this is because I can’t preach enough that no dream is ever too big. I had such low self-esteem only 3 years ago and never in a million years did I think this was possible. My favourite quote is ‘those that don’t succeed gave up too early’ and I truly believe that. The only person stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself!

I know the majority of those reading this are either performers or creatives and my piece of advice for you is this; there are far too many people on this earth trying to bring you down and dim your light. The only person you can truly rely on to be kind to you is yourself. Make it your conscious effort to shower yourself with compliments every single day because sure as hell no one else is going to!I hate to sound like a Disney movie, but shine bright and your dreams will become a reality!