by Vanessa fisher


In light of the controversy concerning PocketSizeTheatre’s post of “faces to look out for in 2019” Many performers took to twitter to voice their disappointment towards the severe lack of representation of brown and black performers. PocketSizeTheatre’s post showcased a list of performer/creatives, where only one appeared to be non-white.

Contrary to some posts and opinions circulating, we recognise the need for lists that feature up and coming artists, however we stand firm in the belief that they should correlate with our industry - which is not perfect - but is striving for true equality and progression.

RyCa Creative’s Ryan Carter initiated #WatchOutFor to compile a new inclusive list and to inspire a positive movement of togetherness and unity.

The names posted on this list were not chosen by us, but instead were chosen by many creatives that make up our industry and the audiences that support us.

We were given over 300 names and the ones with repeated mentions have been featured with a headshot and more information about who they are and what they do.

Our aim with this list is to highlight the wonderful talent that our industry holds here in the UK and we invite you to continue to use #WatchOutFor when you witness exciting talent be-it, on stage, in the studio or in the audition room.

Moving forward, we hope to build safe spaces to hold honest and tactful conversations that grant us the freedom and give us the wisdom to achieve true equality; on-stage, off-stage, behind the desk and across our audiences.

Lastly, we encourage everyone to continue to find and use their voices to speak up during important conversations. However, we urge you to use it to challenge the institutions enforcing inequality and not the movements trying to eradicate them.

Happy New Year to all!

Ryan Carter