An Eye For An Eye, A Like For A Like

Although we can’t be sure, it certainly looks like your social media following is eventually going to have an impact on your career. And this isn’t just for those who are performers, an affluent social media following is a lucrative offer to almost any employer, especially if you agree to use that following to promote your work. Most people know this already, and are actively trying to boost their following by tweeting & instagraming regularly. That said, this blog post isn’t about telling you how to outsmart algorithms or cheat the system to get followers. This is about the other side of it, in true RyCa fashion, this post is about supporting other people, and why a virtual like is more important than a physical one.

Picture this, You’re scrolling through your Facebook timeline and you see a video of a friend singing (for the sake of this article, we’ll call your friend ‘Frieda’*). You don’t have time to watch it, or maybe you’ve forgotten your headphones, so you scroll past it and make the mental note to watch it later. Maybe you remember to watch it, maybe you don’t, but in that moment, you’ve just told Facebook, that you’re not interested in that video of a friend singing. 

Facebook’s admittedly clever algorithm will have learnt one of the following from that: 

Lesson 1 ) You don’t like videos of people singing

Lesson 2 ) You don’t like Frieda

(Sure, they’re extreme conclusions for an AI to jump to, but it’s an AI). So Facebook is gonna stop showing videos of Singers in general, and posts from ‘Frieda’. It wont be instant, so you wont even notice it! But with in a few weeks, you’ll have to go out of your way to find these videos. 

Typically, it’s not just you who has swiped away from poor Frieda’s video, it’s likely to of been a few people. But now, Facebook has also tried to make an assumption about ‘Frieda’. You told Facebook that ‘Frieda’s’ video is irrelevant, and now, Frieda is sat at home waiting for the likes to come in wondering whats gone wrong. 

Moral of the story is, Hit like. Hit like even if you haven’t watched it, Hit like if you liked it, Hell, you should hit like even if you didn’t like it. We as performers are trying really hard to compete in a social media climate where a video of a dog with vibrato is inevitably gonna go viral. Can’t you spare the 5 seconds it’ll take to give ‘Frieda’ (your friend that actually wants to be a singer) some positive virtual feedback? 

Hit like.