Meet Abbi Hodgson; A Raw, Authentic Soul With A Voice To Match



If you've been following RyCa for a while, you'll be used to this stunning face! The sensational Abbi Hodgson has been working with us for a while, and we love her!

Abbi filming at our October 2015 Audition Sessions Shoot.

Abbi filming at our October 2015 Audition Sessions Shoot.

Abbi Hodgson trained at The Urdang Academy, graduating in 2015. Since then she has been involved in a number of projects including the showings of some new musical peices, and dancing abroad for a short time. She has mainly been working on writing new acoustic material and hopes to get started as a Singer-Song Writer next year. 

Abbi's been filming and shooting with RyCa since the company was formed in 2015. Her acclaimed 'Kiss The Air' was one of the first audition sessions filmed, and it currently holds the record for the highest number of views across the entire YouTube channel. Since then, she's appeared in a number of videos and projects for RyCa Creative, including the new concept cabaret 'REFRESH'. 

Abbi continues to move audiences with her soulful voice and emotional performances, her songs often being highlights of the shows she takes part in. To get in contact with Abbi, drop an email to, and we'll pass on any messages. 



Ryan Carter