In Case you still need convincing : 10 reasons not to miss refresh at underbelly


If you’ve found your way on to this blog post, chances are you’re one of the following three things :

  1. A RyCaFan that clicks on every link we post (<3)

  2. Someone who follows us on Socials but has never come to one of our events

  3. Someone who made a typo and has no idea what they’re doing here.

Well, GOOD NEWS! No matter which of the three you resonate with, this post is still for you! We’re gonna highlight 10 things about our iconic ‘REFRESH’ show, and then once you’ve fallen in love with it, we’ll subtlety show you the ticket link, so you can come and see it live! Sound good? Good.


  1. It’s a Musical Theatre Cabaret that looks Like A Pop Concert👨🏾‍🎤

Everything about REFRESH is designed to look and feel as ‘un-theatre-y’ as possible. We love theatre, but we want to appeal to people that would rather spend £150+ on a pop-concert than £35 on a Musical. To do this, our staging, costumes and entire aesthetic is engineered to feel more ‘MTV’ than ‘Musical’.

2. The 👏🏽 arrangements 👏🏽 are 👏🏽 fire. 🔥

This is what put REFRESH on the map. We take some of the most iconic songs in the Musical Theatre song book, and in short - put it down, flip it and reverse it. That is - we turn them into exciting new versions of the song they used to be. No, we don’t think that Rogers and Hammerstein needs revamping, but in order to convert some ‘Top 40’ fans, we like to bridge the gap between ‘Pop’ and ‘Musical’, all done in the hope that giving you a new version of ‘Kiss Me Kate’ might be enough to let you fall in love with the original!

3. It’s a crash course in the history musical theatre 📜

We’re not saying it’s a history lesson as such, but we are saying that by the time you leave our 75 minute show, you’d of heard songs spanning the entire musical theatre timeline and might know enough to be able to answer that random ‘niche’ MT question in your local pub quiz. We go from 1927’s ‘Showboat’ to 2019’s ‘SIX’ in a pretty innovative way. (No Spoilers but it’s pretty epic). We know you love your Hamilton’s and your Dear Evan Hansen’s, but the road up to these incredible shows took 90 years!

4. The cast 😍🎶🔥

Ben Farrall, Abbi Hodgson, Baker Mukasa, Sam Carlyle, Linnea Didrick, Kayla Carter, Charlotte Miranda Smith, William Lloyd, Adam Gillian

Ben Farrall, Abbi Hodgson, Baker Mukasa, Sam Carlyle, Linnea Didrick, Kayla Carter, Charlotte Miranda Smith, William Lloyd, Adam Gillian

Seems like a given, but we’ve got 9 incredible singers, all of which bring a different (but needed) quality to the team. We’ve shouted about them from the rooftops, and will continue to do so. They’re the true underdogs of theatre, supporting the art form in every way they can, whilst also staying close enough to the pop-culture to be able to blend the qualities of both. They’re diverse in tone, personality, energy and yes… casting brackets. You’ll leave REFRESH wanting to be friends with every single one of them!

5. Elitist theatre-etiquette is abolished💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️

Here’s the real tea. Commercial Classic Musical Theatre is not particularly millennial / young person friendly. You can’t talk to your friends during the show, You can’t capture moments for the gram, You can’t shout ‘YAAAAAASSSSSS’ at the top of your lungs when someone does a killer riff and you can’t nip out in between songs to go and refill your mojito (more on that later). REFRESH TO THE RESCUE. We permit - nay - WELCOME all of the above. We ask that you stay respectful, we ask that you turn your flash off and that you wait until the end of the song before you stand up and grab more halloumi fries, but REFRESH is a millennial musical cabaret, all the bells and whistles that come with a young audience are welcome in our shows. We’d hope that you wouldn’t spend the entire show behind your instagram story lens, because Live theatre is friggin’ magical and is supposed to be experienced with your actual eye balls. But sometimes your followers want that content and they wanna see what you’re seeing! We get that.


6. This time, we’re part of a big FESTIVAL family.

For the first time EVER, we’re premiering our brand new REFRESH show under the umbrella of ‘Underbelly Festival’. London’s biggest multi-arts festival. Thanks to the wonderful people at Underbelly, we’re able to run our show for 3 whole days and focus entirely on the experience. They have a bunch of wonderful pub gardens in the festival enclosure offering all the gins, all the cocktails, street food and… AND?!?… Mojitos on tap. Which leads me on to point 7.

7. Mojitos on tap.

That one is self explanatory. We have Mojitos on tap.

8. Ryca. (ryan carter)


“I’ve been working on REFRESH for just over 2 years now. Getting it programmed into a festival like Underbelly was at Year 4 of my 5 year plan. I’ve somehow managed to get it there in half the time. I like to see it as testament to how good the show is! It’s not lost on me what a unique position i’ve found my self in. I’m a 24 year old, non-white creative ; the smallest of fishes in the biggest of ponds. But even a small fish can make a giant ripple right?” - Ryan

9. The road to refresh

It’s been a journey. In short, we started off as a one-night-only event, and feedback/demand let us recreate the concerts at least once a quarter. In just 2 years we’ve gone from an in-house, underground production, to a 3 day run at one of the most insane, eclectic arts festivals in London. REFRESH has been quite the ride, and we know it’s not over yet. Jump on board and join us!

10. For theatre to thrive. We have to protect it, nurture it, and help it evolve.

Bit of a serious one to end on, but it’s important, and it’s why we do it. Musicals are cool! They are! Fact! For whatever reason, not enough people know that. With things like ‘Secret Cinema’ thriving, we know the issue with Theatre isn’t for lack of love of theatrics. RyCa doesn’t produce musicals (…yet), we produce events that support and develop audiences, and then point them in the direction of our friends over in the West End. If changing up some arrangements, ripping down the red curtains and giving you a cast of pop singers is enough to convince you to buy a ticket to a full blown show - We’ve done out job.

So reader, I ask you… are you #ReadyForARefresh? 😏

Ryan Carter