New Orchestrations, New Routines and Red Velvet Curtains


Avid fans of RyCa will recognise the Superb Sam Carlyle as one of the OG Audition Session’s Singers, And part of the musical theatre supergroup that performs ‘Refresh’ multiple times a year.

From her videos and performances with us, you’ll of noticed that she is an incredible performer, with comedic timing to boot. She’s our queen of the alto’s and has quite the lipstick collection. I think we’d go as far as saying that she has some of the best articulation on the planet, and boy can she work a crowd.

What you don’t get to see is how overwhelmingly supportive she is of everyone she comes across. Sam is integral to most RyCa projects, not just because she’s as versatile as a boot heel, but because her energy really does tend to bring the out the best in everyone.

Is this an character reference we hear you asking? NO! (although is Sam wants to save this and send it to her next employer, that would totally make sense, it’s been pretty gushy so far). Nope ladies and gentleman, this is a plug. Our Sam Carlyle is hosting a one woman cabaret aptly titled ‘Sam Carlyle : My Life And Other Jokes’ at the Museum Of Comedy, And you should all go.

Expect some form of Game of Thrones reference, at least one Disney princess song, potentially a costume change and most definitely a bunch of anecdotes about her seemingly turbulent dating life.

Sam is one of our most valued team members, and we cannot wait to see her in action.

tickets for ‘Sam Carlyle : My life and other jokes’ are available from

and in the meantime, why not remind yourself how wonderful she is?