"I Say We Start Our Own" - A Crowd sourced list of people to #WatchOutFor

Waking up to read a celebration post where entire demographics have been shunned out is not something to ignore. It’s something to be researched, It’s something to be challenged, and it’s something to be reversed. Which is exactly what Myself, Vanessa Fisher and countless others spent our Friday morning doing. Rather than dwell on the disappointment of the original blog, I tweeted this : 

And the response meant that my twitter feed was full of people supporting each other, rooting for the underdogs that are consistently underrepresented. What was even more interesting was that in our crowd-sourced list of creatives, our ones to ‘#WatchOutFor’, Not a single race was shunned or ignored. Within 12 hours, we’d formed a list of over 300 people that deserved to be celebrated. 

The thread itself is still active and thriving, and I implore everyone to spend 5 minutes scrolling through - seeing who you can support and get behind by hitting that follow button and retweeting a couple of tweets. That said, the intention of the #WatchOutFor tag, was so that we could form our own list. Not as a retaliation, but as an education. 

N.B - As soon as the clock hit midnight on the 28th, I started typing up and tallying the names that had been submitted. The people that are on this short list got the highest frequencies of shout outs. 

N.B.B - I could only track names that had been tweeted with the hashtag - so I’m sorry if I missed some! I couldn’t track quote tweets or replies unless they’d been tagged with #WatchOutFor

N.B.B...B? - The thing to take away from this post and twitter thread, is that even when we’re not supported but outsiders, we have the ability to make waves from our own communities. We have allies, and when we need them, we know where to find them. 

So. Here we go!


How It Works -

We’ve tallied up and displayed the top 30. We’ve written a short bio about the top 5, but we wanted to highlight all the incredible talent that’s out there, so we’ve included the names and twitter handles of the full 30. Enjoy!

To reiterate - This entire list is crowdsourced, we’re just displaying the results.

More to #WatchOutFor

Ryan Carter