Refresh got a Glow Up and it’s coming to London

You already know the spiel, Refresh is the project that RyCa has been working on for just over a year now. It’s a gig-experience full of musical theatre songs designed to destigmatize theatre and get some Zennials to fall in love with musicals.


Although we launched as an immersive / club like experience, when we were invited to ‘live’ at The Hospital Club, we really saw it as an opportunity to nail our set list. We stepped back from the full theatrics and produced a series of cabarets. Every cabaret we did in 2018 was about us trialling new material, getting really creative with everything we did.

Those cabarets kinda culminated with a birthday bash event at the club (complete with cake of course), and then it was time for us to head back to The Borlase Theatre, to give Refresh the full concert staging it’s always deserved. It was amazing, We’re doing it again. In town. Long story short:

Refresh got a glow up, and now it’s coming to London.


YES. After just one night in Bucks, the reception was so incredible that we’ve been invited to recreate that awesome show, but for the audiences of London. We’ll be bringing the the staging, the singers, the set list all the way to Kings Cross, and we can’t wait.

We’re bringing it from Marlow to London, like a transfer. It’s a transfer right? I’m calling it a transfer!

Refresh will be playing at ‘The Shaw Theatre’ on January 27th, 7PM. Tickets start at £18 And can be used with the code EARLYBIRD10 to get a 10% discount before December 1st.

Ryan Carter