Success Stories - Redefining Success


Its hard enough as it is, lets shatter this 'Stage = Success' thing

In our industry, Success is often defined by the number of credits on your CV. From as early on as training, it’s made clear that the graduates who go on to land west-end roles have succeeded, and the hundreds that haven’t must be miserable because they haven’t. It was 15 months before I landed my West-End Job, and Im personally more proud of what I achieved before Motown, than after. 

In those 15 months, I started my own creative production company, I produced my first event, and my business fan base grew so much that I eventually hosted my own open audition, and had musical theatre hopefuls come and sing for me and my team. That aside, it wasn’t until I could post a photo of me, dressed as a Temptation in the West End, that most people deemed me as ‘successful’.

Truthfully, Success is relative and personal. And I know that it isn’t gonna happen overnight. But if we all redefine success together, I truly believe we’ll end up with a healthier industry. It’s hard enough as it is, let’s shatter this ‘Stage = Success’ thing. 💁🏾‍♂️