How Do You Measure A Year? One Year of RyCa Refresh

When I planned my first concert ‘RyCa : Refresh’ last year, it was meant to be a one night only passion project, to prove to the world (and myself), that new life could be breathed into existing musical theatre. Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen are awesome, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the decades of cult classic musicals that came before us. They may be dated but that’s nothing we can’t change. Those ‘Golden Oldies’… they can be Refreshed.

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Ryan Carter
Mobile Phones in Theatre: Welcome It, Embrace It and Include It in the creation of your musical.

Many peers and colleagues of mine often take to social media to vent the frustration of seeing an audience member on their phone while you’re trying to give them your best face-melting belt. I get it, It’s disrespectful and really jarrring. BUT, As someone who loves technology and the doors it can open, I’m not going to go as far as agreeing with the keyboard warriors taking to twitter proclaiming that phones have no place in theatre. Sorry. 

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“I Think It Stinks. Thoughts?”

I want to start with this. I cannot condone what she said. Not at all. It’s ignorant, unintentionally racist and unhealthy for the progression and integration of our industry. To say that you find ‘Bame Casting boring’ is nothing but an insult. Whether you meant it to be hurtful or not, as a minority that is openly struggling to find a justified place in the world of Musical Theatre, you’re either with us or against us. And unfortunately, her careless post marked her as against us.

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Ryan CarterComment
We’re going where the sun shines ‘whitely’

So, help a guy out because I’m confused. How, in 2018, is it possible to ‘accidentally’ cast an all white show. With the huge array of exciting and diverse BAME talent to choose from, I cannot for the life of me understand why I’m still scrolling through cast announcements to see that yet another movie-turned-musical has failed to proportionally represent our current social climate.

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An Eye For An Eye, A Like For A Like

Although we can’t be sure, it certainly looks like your social media following is eventually going to have an impact on your career. And this isn’t just for those who are performers, an affluent social media following is a lucrative offer to almost any employer, especially if you agree to use that following to promote your work. Most people know this already, and are actively trying to boost their following by tweeting & instagraming regularly. That said, this blog post isn’t about telling you how to outsmart algorithms or cheat the system to get followers. This is about the other side of it, in true RyCa fashion, this post is about supporting other people, and why a virtual like is more important than a physical one.

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Success Stories - Redefining Success

In our industry, Success is often defined by the number of credits on your CV. From as early on as training, it’s made clear that the graduates who go on to land west-end roles have succeeded, and the hundreds that haven’t must be miserable because they haven’t. It was 15 months before I landed my West-End Job, and Im personally more proud of what I achieved before Motown, than after. 

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